Guitarists can be a finicky bunch, so buying them a gift can be quite daunting. But before you pick out an “I’d Rather Be Playing Guitar” T-shirt or an Eddie Van Halen bobblehead, check out these handpicked suggestions from various guitar-playing members of Sweetwater’s staff.

MusicNomad String Changing Kit

“Guitarists need tools, whether they’re mainly an acoustic player, mainly an electric player, or a combination of the two. At minimum, they need a good string winder and a string cutter. Aside from those two staples, a guitar cloth is always a good idea, as is a multi-tool. The 5-piece MusicNomad String Changing Kit provides them with a string winder, string cutter, multi-tool, and even lubrication for the nut, saddles, and string trees.”

Chris McCown, Sales Engineer

MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Gig Bag

“The MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Gig Bag has features as good as (or better than) a hardshell case. The protection for the neck (Headlock) and the bottom (The Boot) is important for ensuring that guitars are protected while conveniently transported in gig bag form. I trust my guitars to a MONO Vertigo for every gig!”

Wade Owen, Guitar Repair and Install Manager

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Tuner

“Your guitar only sounds good as long as it’s in tune! Stay in tune with the TC Electronic PolyTune Clip tuner. It’s great for all types of guitars and is one of the most accurate on the market today!”

Joe Perrone, Sales Engineer

Levy’s Suede Guitar Strap

“Consider giving the guitarist you love a Levy’s Suede Guitar Strap. They are comfortable, they don’t slide around like other guitar straps, and they last forever.”

Ken Jehle, Guitar Instructor, Sweetwater Academy of Music & Technology

Marshall DSL40CR Combo Amp

“There’s no better way to rock than with a new Marshall DSL40CR! Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth amp, any guitarist would love to see Marshall’s iconic script in their rig. This amp can handle any guitar or any pedal thrown at it, and it’s an absolute beast whether jamming at home or on the stage.”

Ashton Vaudt, Sales Engineer

Fender Custom Shop GT11 Strat

“The Fender Stratocaster is an icon, used by countless ‘guitar heroes’ throughout most genres of music. The Fender Custom Shop GT11 Stratocaster is a favorite based on our Sweetwater-exclusive 11″-radius fingerboard and Sweet ’64 pickups. It plays like a dream, delivering the quintessential Strat tones players know and love!”

Jay Piccirillo, Guitars Senior Category Manager

Dunlop Pick Variety Pack

“What guitarist doesn’t need more picks? You wear them out, lose them, or loan them to other players, so it’s something you always need to replenish. Even if your favorite guitarist has a pick preference, the Dunlop Pick Variety Pack will introduce them to some new sounds and textures, and possibly even a new go-to.”

Don Carr, Content Specialist

LM Products Premium Leather Strap

“Most guitar players save every penny for the best guitar they can buy, but then sling it up with any old strap they have lying around. High-quality straps offer way more comfort, better instrument position because it stays in place, and higher-quality ends, which mean you’ll never have to worry about the strap dropping the guitar. The Sweetwater-exclusive LM Artisan Edition Premium Leather Strap is the ultimate in comfort and style and is fully adjustable. Your guitar will feel so much better with an LM around your shoulder. Or better yet, get one for you and give one as a gift!”

Phil Rich, Senior Vice President/Chief Merchandising Officer

BOSS Katana-Air Combo Amp

“My choice of the BOSS Katana-Air as a cool gift for the guitarist in your life is totally and utterly selfish — I want one! Why? It’s easy to dial in, fun to play, and sounds really good…duh! It can be 100% wireless — in all ways possible! What do I mean by that? Well, not only does it come with a wireless transmitter for your axe (so no more of those annoying cables causing clutter, getting tangled, or tipping over your drink), but the unit can also be powered by batteries, so it can be put literally anywhere without a pesky power cable. You can control and edit it wirelessly via a free, easy-to-use app — so you don’t have to get up…not that I’m lazy or anything! You can play your favorite music (or backing tracks) on it via Bluetooth — and so can others — and it sounds good when used that way too. It’s pretty small, sleek, and inconspicuous, so it could well stop those annoying ‘get that darned, ugly guitar amp outta here…NOW’ demands from those you live with! The transmitter has motion-activated transmission, and when the amp is in standby mode, it will automatically switch on and off — so, once again, you don’t have to get up!”

Nick Bowcott, Content Specialist

DigiTech JamMan Express XT

“The DigiTech JamMan Express XT — as loopers go, this one couldn’t be easier to use! Press to start, press to repeat, and press to overdub! This has been an invaluable addition to my practice regimen for years. Whether I’m playing over a progression, superimposing chords over a pad, or laying down a percussive beat — the benefits of practicing have been musically huge!”

Brian Lemert, Music Store Sales Engineer

Xvive Audio U2 Wireless Guitar System

“The Xvive Audio U2 wireless rig has helped me bring more fun into my practice rig at home. Being able to have my guitar at the ready, plugged in, ready to go, without having a cable lying around my living room is a pretty nice way to live. It makes it easy to just play without having to really think about the gear at all. It allows me to focus on the experience of making music above all else.”

Nate Edwards, Sales Manager

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There you have it. Eleven awesome gifts for the guitarist in your life. Still not sure? Then it’s time to give your Sales Engineer a call at (800) 222-4700. They’ll be happy to help you find a present that’s sure to knock the socks off any guitarist.

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